Precautions for purchasing rotary joints

Rotary joint is a kind of transmission part of rotating parts with good sealing performance. If it is selected improperly, it may cause the workbench to fail to operate normally, and fluid or gas cannot be transmitted.

Pay attention to safety when disassembling the rotary joint

After the rotary joint is disassembled, it must be fixed on a bench vise, and the bolts between the end cap of the joint joint and the shell shall be unscrewed to differentiate the joint.

What should I pay attention to when installing a rotary joint?

What should I pay attention to when installing a rotary joint? I believe that many of my friends don’t understand this very well, so let’s let the editor briefly introduce it to everyone, let’s take a look!

What are the key points for buying rotary joints in the market

At present, after the joints used on many stainless steel materials have different materials, you will find that the cost-effectiveness of 304 rotary joints is very high

The surface material of the rotary joint has a problem of pig iron.

A straightforward term for a rotary joint is a joint that can rotate. It is a kind of connection fitting that the equipment transports the medium from the static pipeline to the dynamic pipeline or equipment.

Working principle and function of rotary joint

Rotary union (Rotary union) is a rotating mechanical sealing device, which is used to transport and remove heat transfer medium for fixed pipelines and rotating rollers.

How to choose a rotary joint for steam in the market

With the continuous development of science and technology, there are more and more steam equipment. Of course, a variety of joints are used in each type of equipment, and the rotary joint is an indispensable part.

How to ensure the safety of pipeline medium transportation by rotary joint

The use of better quality rotary joints to meet the safety of medium transportation in the pipeline, after all, can play a greater role in use, and is naturally a prerequisite for obtaining better quality.

How to choose the specifications and models of the thermal oil rotary joint

There are many types of rotary joints used for heat transfer oil transfer. In order to select a suitable product, it should be selected according to the specific requirements of mechanical equipment accessories

Which professional manufacturer of water pipe quick couplings

Water pipe quick coupling manufacturers with a professional R&D team can provide customers with quick couplings with complete specifications and models and a wider range of uses.
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